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Rafaela Nunes, also known as Nenhures, was born in Lisbon in 1991. She is an artist and researcher currently studying for a PhD in Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. She is a fellow at the Interactive Technologies Institution - LARSyS and eGames Lab in the fields of arts and interactive media, where she develops a practice-based research. She has worked extensively in the artistic field and has a record of various exhibitions, artistic residencies, published artist’s books, as well as having worked as an educator in visual arts.

Through her work, she poses a critical view on our relationship with wilderness, presenting artificialised natures using various media like painting, sculpture, installation and digital media. By rethinking and blurring the dichotomies of the natural and the artificial, the real and the fictional, the authentic and the fake, she explores the ambiguity and the plasticity of the boundaries between what we perceive as reality and what we construct as representations of it.


2023 PhD Student in Multimedia Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon — Fellowship at ITI/LARSyS

2017 MFA Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon

2013 BFA Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon


2021 Astro Turf, Amorpho/Safra, Lisbon

2021 Green Sheen, Espaço Cultural das Mercês, Lisbon

2017 Nowhere, AGEAS Foundation, Lisbon

2017 Suburbia, Galeria da Faculdade de Belas-Artes de Lisboa

2015 Refúgio, Guilherme Cossoul, Lisbon


2023 Current work demo at the inauguration of the Interactive Technologies Institute with the attendance of the Mayor of Lisbon

2023 Pitch and Poster presentation at the Laboratory for Robotics and Engineering Systems (LARSyS) Annual Meeting

2023 "Hybridising painting: constructing virtual spaces from physical paintings with Stable Diffusion" — Presentation of project and paper at Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa for the POR-POL NET: Contemporary Net Art Colloquium.

2021 "Art Talks" — Invited speaker for an online interview and public talk through online stream with the curator of Espaço Cultural das Mercês.

2021 and 2020 Invited speaker for an online stream presentation of the artistic work to the students at the Faculty of Fine Arts for the Cross-Medium Painting course (Meios Transversais da Pintura)

2017 "Nave" — Public conference of the artistic residence and project at the Vila Nova da Barquinha's Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural de Vila Nova da Barquinha).


2021 Ignição II, Rastilho Ignição Cultural, Lisbon

2021 Somewhere between now and then, Lounge, Lisbon

2021 CUTOUT, (online)

2020 Porta Aberta, Safra, Lisbon

2020 A Clue to Reality, Galeria do Campo Pequeno, Lisbon

2020 Quantos Á-Quatro cabem no Á-Quatro, Edifício Á-Quatro, Barreiro

2018 Ensaios sobre a (in)flexibilidade do natural - Parte I, Ministry of the Environment, Lisbon

2017 Bienal de Espinho, Espinho Municipal Museum, Espinho

2017 Suburbia, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Lisbon

2016 Franzina, Roundabout.Lx, Lisbon

2016 1º Prémio CAT 2015/2016, Casa das Artes de Tavira

2016 Contra o Desgosto, Fundação PT, Lisbon

2015 12x12, Atelier Travessa, Lisbon

2015 Exposición de Pensionados en Segovia, Alhóndiga de Segovia, Spain

2015 GA-BA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon

2015 De onde para onde, School of Economics and Management, Lisbon

2015 Artis 2015, Casino Estoril Art Gallery, Estoril

2014 O Porto e a Península, Galeria Península, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2014 Exposição colectiva, Media Capital, Barcarena

2014 Finalistas Pintura FBAUL 12'13, National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon

2013 Vinte e Dois, VAÅG Art Gallery, Lisbon

2013 Laboratório de Anatomia - Ver e Pensar o Corpo, University of Lisbon Rectory, Lisbon

2013 XXVI Spring Salon, Casino Estoril Art Gallery

2011 GA-BA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon


2018 Festival A Salto: Tomada Artística da Cidade de Elvas, Elvas, Portugal

2017 Centro de Estudos de Arte Contemporânea, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal

2015 Palácio de Quintanar, Segovia, Spain


2022 “azul e verde”, book co-authored with writer Isabel Milhanas Machado

2020 “Bruma”, book of drawings published by Amorpho

2020 “Pé-d'Água”, book of drawings published by Amorpho


Lisbon Law School

AGEAS Foundation


Ensaios sobre a (in)flexibilidade do Natural



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