Through painted and sculpted fictions, my practice consists in pursuing and creating a sensation of eeriness that certain places, things and phenomenons provide that, due to their foreign nature, I incorporate in a universe under the designation of Nenhures, or in english, Nowhere. Using a mystical and magical language, I create ambiences that oscillate between the wild nature and artificial things, in interstices that suggest alternate worlds.

It is in such a space that I create situations that dilute the line between the real and the imaginary. I reveal the utopian intention of this process through an apparently naive language, veiled and mysterious. These places imply some recent or ancient event that invokes an inherent secret to each image. I appropriate the child’s strategy of “make-believe” to approach the precariousness of spaces, things and beings. It is these enclaves that I aim to explore the fragile relation between us and the utopian.

— Rafaela Nunes